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Today marked the birthday of a girl I used to know.
I think I loved her, im not sure what that means but I think felt it.
She has a special place in my heart but she should never know.
I was vulnerable with my emotions, all the walls I put up she found a way to melt it.

Now im wonder the best way to wish her happy birthday without telling her.
Because as much as I want that chapter in my life to disappear, memories never fade.
I just wish I can tell her happy birthday and that I love her and still care.
In a way I hope she would see this by some miracle, is it weird I’m afraid?

I pray she’s treated like the Queen she is even if I can’t tell her this.
She deserves every blessing and miracle gets from the Lord.
I pray for good health, great things, freedom and huge amounts of bliss.
Hope her wildest dreams come true, and finds love that isn’t flawed.

To the ex that I let get away yet wasn’t mine.
Happy Birthday to an amazing soul that turned the big one-nine.



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