What a poet sees

I’ve seen tears, so many that they could fill up oceans.
I’ve seen the broken pieces of lovers hearts buried in their souls.
I’ve seen people hurt themselves and others in the name of love.
I’ve seen souls suffocate because they couldn’t find their other halves.

I’ve seen mountains dance.
I’ve seen thunder cry.
I’ve seen heartless romance.
I’ve seen love die.

I’ve seen the personification of love, and no her name isn’t Cupid.
I’ve seen heaven through her merciful yet taunting eyes.
I’ve seen the caress of a goddess heal ones soul as if pain has never existed.
I’ve seen a kiss bring back memories, memories that have never happened.

I’ve seen flowers sleep.
I’ve seen stars fall.
I’ve seen the sky weep.
I’ve seen pain and all.

I’ve seen the words of a romantic with no tongue.
I’ve seen the touch of an angel with no hands.
I’ve seen the sound of music with no melody.
I’ve seen the scene of a rose with no fragrance.

I’ve seen so many things, I have plenty of stories.
I can tell you about life’s many many many worries.
But there’s only one important piece of advice I can give.
If you’ve never seen love…you’ve never lived.



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