Father forgive me for my wrongs but I’m not done sinning.
I’ve got a long list of sins that I need to be  forgiven.
Please don’t judge me I’m only human, trying to find salvation.
These sins aren’t me, they are caused by my twisted and dark fixations.
Which come from the demons I let have a party in my soul.
I can change because even if my heart is dark, I’m a diamond in the rough, coal.
And I need your guidance to keep me in the right path.
Even if I’d have to taste the back hand of your mighty wrath.
But as long as you not too upset to not read my prayers.
My poetry is the prayers that my soul writes when it’s in tears.
Because I don’t have the power to admit my wrongs using my words.
I’m ashamed I’ve given in to the life of the flesh, you know drugs and girls.
I’m just a shadow of what you dreamt I could be.
That dream you imagined while in the process of making me.
Im scared because I sleep through my nightmares.
I hope you’re listening because I think you’re the only one that cares.
I’ve said “I” so much in this prayer I feel like I’m guilty of spiritual greed.
So if you can’t forgive me forgive the people I love, I plead.
They don’t deserve to be cursed by association.
And I pray you don’t cut your blessing short like an abbreviation.
Because I need them more than ever,  I’m trying to change my ways.
I’m trying to get out of this world’s sinful maze.
May the hate of my enemies be forgiven.
May the ones I love see the gates of heaven.
May both be blessed by your hand.
And may your will done, as you planned.
I’m a sinner father, I’m filled with evil.
I’ve got human qualities like being deceitful.
I’m going to relapse like a drug addict.
There’s too much wrong with me, I’m far from perfect.
So like I was saying in the beginning.
Father forgive me for my wrongs but I’m not done sinning.

I’m sure you’ll hear from me again.



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