Dear Mom

To the woman that gave me life.
If I can get a girl half as amazing as you, I’ll make her my wife.
You do whatever it takes to keep the lights on.
You were there for me when dad passed on.
Words can’t describe the love I have for you.
And I know for us, there’s a lot you go through.
If you were words, you’d be poetry.
The Queen of our family tree.
An angel disguised as a strong black woman.
She’s truly a blessing to everything human.
Whenever I fall you’d be ready to catch me.
Whenever I fail you’d be ready to correct me.
Sometimes you get upset when we go against you.
But you still stick by our sides like super glue.
Truly the most beautiful woman I’ll ever know.
Kind, loving and caring and it’s not for show.
To the goddess of my universe, the queen of my heart.
Like a stroke of Da Vinci’s paintbrush, you’re a work of art.
I wrote this poem just so you know not matter what you do.
Just always remember that WE LOVE YOU.




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