I have these vivid dreams of the girl thats from there.
I know yol won’t get it now but let me share.

She’s a little extra and that’s really unnecessary.
I know she’s my ride or die, a hearse or cemetery.
I cant help making her first like January.
Then I cum next like February.
I see the beauty of God in her eyes.
She’s so fly, I guess that’s how she causes these butterflies.
She’s the Goddess of my soul.
And it’s my heart she stole.
I love how she sings along to songs she doesn’t know.
How she acts tough when we both know it’s all for show.
I got your back on some forever and always.
And I know that you are perfect in all ways.
Blood is thicker than water but she is thicker than both.
Mind so sharp she can’t help but inspire growth.
She’s got the keys to my heart and i aint talking melody.
She’s out of this world, Goddamn she’s so heavenly.
Her wish is my command, and the pleasure will be all mine.
She’s extraordinary, she stands out like a daily sun headline.
I like to call her name, spank her ass and watch her smile.
I’d like it better if one day I can watch her walk down the aisle.
I hate to say I’m sleeping on her but what can I say, she’s the girl of my dreams.
She looks so damn good in them jeans.
So let’s take them off and in about 30 mins she’ll be covered in my genes.
Sorry for that last line, sexuality and lust aren’t this poems themes.
She has my heart and more.
The only girl that I adore.
I pray she doesn’t ever turn into a nightmare.
Because she’s the truth no dare.
She’s stubborn as hell, she gotta always be right.
There’s nothing more that I want than to talk to her tonight.
But I’ll have to wait to fall asleep just to see her.
Because she’s the girl of my dreams, all I ever wanna see is her.

I think i made it clear, I hope yol get it now.
My heart is forever hers, that I vow.



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