Vent Session

Us as Africans need to become a unit whereby if one wins we all win because we should be uplifting each other and most of the time us, Africans, we can only do something for another fellow African if we get something in return…we need to help one another to rise from the oppression we love to claim we fight against when in actual fact we are following the rich white man’s plan…we cast out our fellow africans when they are educated and say “you acting white”  Fuck no why can’t a young black person be said to be acting “educated” or “is educated”, being white doesn’t mean ones educated, so if an African is acting that way be happy for him because he is seen as a danger to the system of “the man” we need to stop bringing each other down, we need to stop seeing each other as lowkey enemies that we break bread with but we must see each other as brothers and sisters in a struggle to achieve ACTUAL FREEDOM not what they talking about in this video because we seem free but if they playing us like this we are all just puppets putting on a show for the rich white man while he gains…and I’m talking about ALL AFRICANS not just South Africans, not just Nigerians, not just Zimbabweans etc…let’s love one another…we are family!!! Let us be free through us freeing ourselves…mind, body and soul.



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