Good girls vs Bad girls (pt. 2)

She’s sexy and she knows she’s bad.
Chances are she’s the best I’ve ever had.
She ain’t ashamed of having fun whenever.
But she ain’t the type to be by your side always and forever.
Her thirst traps, traps in the thirst.
She gets them love sick, and they wanna be nursed.
Spontaneity is so attractive.
But you can’t hold her down, she’s hyperactive.
Her body is one of a goddess.
Like BeyoncΓ© she’s flawless.
Trust issues make her not wanna get cuffed.
She had her heart broken, that’s why she can’t trust.
You can’t love her because she has a heart of ice.
She’s amazingly fun but to cuff you’d think twice.
Her sex is mind blowing, suicide.
She’s so bad she let’s you cum inside.
She ain’t a little girl, she knows what fun is.
You never know when she’s coming like a pop quiz.
20/20 vision and I still dont see her coming.
She’s always been the Queen of Homecoming.
She leaves every man drooling.
You are tryna get her number?, who are you fooling.
She’s a straight savage.
Far from being average.
She ain’t no saint but she’s heavenly blessed.
You need to have GPS coordinates to be addressed.
Her head game is like dandruff.
Breaking beds she’s that rough.
She got a big ol booty, you gotta check it on the Gram.
She’s more of a Heavenly Assed Mami, no wonder niggas go HAM.
She ain’t a BBW but she’s thick to the core.
That typa body girls aspire and niggas hunger for.
Its like playing the national lottery just to get her numbers.
Im hoping to erase all the errors of your exes by using a few Rubbers.
Her booty gotta be EVIL, after hitting I gotta go to church so God can forgive.
And i bend it over and flip the “EVIL” over, now that’s the life i love to LIVE.
But this is all in my imagination.
She’s selective but they think she’s giving it up to the whole nation.
The idea of her finding love is like an ant aspiring to be an elephant.
She ain’t slutty but she’s far from calibate.
She ain’t a hoe she only makes hoe decisions.
She has everything except for dreams and ambitions.
Has the potential to be a die or ride.
On some Bonnie and Clyde.
True definition of a bad b*tch.
A girl to have your back only when you’reΒ  rich.
Fun is her middle name.
MVP of the “game”.
She’s the healer of pain.
Awesome times without complain.
Hardly makes time for you.
But will make you “feel” like you are her bu.
You never know who she’s with.
Her being faithful could be a myth.
Amazing for great times but when things get dark she’s out.
Her sex is like a boxers punch, it leaves you knocked out.
She’s seen it all before.
All the shenanigans like PartyNextDoor.
No excuses.
Alot of bruises.
She’s way too sexy not to be cheating.
She’s the main topic at every guys meeting.
She adapts to every situation.
The Queen of flirtation.
Let me end this poem the way I should.
We all know “Bad girls ain’t no good”.



3 thoughts on “Good girls vs Bad girls (pt. 2)

    1. Both parts to this poem were inspired by exes I had one was the “good girl” and the other was the “bad girl”…so all that was on my mind was them πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† BTW I totally adore you reading and commenting on my poetry I really appreciate it…I definitely gonna check out yours πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you so much means a lot to me……but your writing skills have a way to attract readers……but hope you will get the “best girl ” now…..πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š


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