Black Excellence

From Kings and Queens to slaves.
Our ancestors would be turning in their graves.
Somewhere along the line we got tricked.
To build Western civilisation, we were picked.
Black Excellence.
Hearts of Benevolence.
Western culture underestimates our intelligence.
Taking Africans away from their homes, switch of residence.
Subjected to paid servitude.
“Your attitude determines your latitude”.
We think less of each other, that’s why we at the bottom.
It’s funny how we fell off like leaves in Autumn.
Nowadays when a black man is rich “he must be an athlete.”
We are more than just a skin colour, that’s something you can go Retweet.
The blood of our ancestors is shed by the youth.
Slave masters taking advantage of Africans taking advantage of each other, simple truth.
Disillusioned by being “hood rich”, aspiring to be Scarface.
Using Africans to suck the soul out of their birthplace.
The white billionaires laugh at us for killing each other for drugs.
While painting a picture that all black people are thugs.
Everyone knows that if you have a gun and a badge, you can’t get arrested.
The continent that we come from is the one they molested.
Shooting kids left and right, like school picture day.
“Black Lives Matter” too is all I’m tryna say.
Our excellence is held back by our pasts shackles and chains
But the blood of resilience courses through our veins.
The revolution won’t be televised.
Why? Because the media is out here telling lies.
We are a civilisation but far from civilised.
You can insult us and beat us but we far from paralysed.
Desensitised by the chaotic world we live in.
Life is 10 times more chaotic when you have dark skin
There are more refugees than populations of some countries.
Just because we were found barely dressed, doesn’t make us monkey’s.
They call us terrorists after ruining our nations.
Then give us illnesses just to give us “donations”.
Acting the good samaritan with wrong intentions.
Acting smart with stolen inventions.
Nowadays we only cry over blood shed.
How am I supposed to tell my niece that my brother is dead.
“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds”.
Bob Marley said this in the 80s, we should’ve listened to his signs.
You enslaved our ancestors and forced them to carry your weight just so you can live lavish.
It’s funny that after all that we still carrying 500 hundred years worth of baggage.
Ironic isn’t it.
Or am I just a hypocrite.
A middle class suburb boy talking about black struggles.
“He’s born free with a silver spoon, he couldn’t possibly know about black troubles”.
But I see the tears of my mother when they talk about segregation.
And I’ll lose a job position to someone without a degree just because they’re Caucasian.
Nappy hair, round nose and big lips is the way God made me.
We free to express, we free to vote but I still feel unfree.
They bought our nation with a bunch of bibles.
For the same crime, Elijahs get more jail time than Michaels.
Martin had a dream, Rosa sat by it.
Everything our parents fought for seemed legit.
Is this world what Biko and MLK died for.
Or is the struggle not over, it’s still war!
I guess the 21st century is another name for the Black Holocaust.
We losing brothers, sisters and children but at what cost.
What’s the life expectancy for black men?
The reality for some is 15 years after age ten.
They stole everything using Catholicism.
But they don’t know my mind is free, I got that college wisdom.
King Kunta Kinte is the only KKK I recognise.
Hate crimes are the norm but I refuse to be desensitised.
As long as there’s the blood of the slaves being made in my bone marrow.
I’m going to be freeing your minds with an educational bow and arrow.
All through history they’ve treated us inhumanely, brutalise.
But it’s covered up, now we know why they call it white lies.
Someone has to lose, that’s why it’s called the human race.
These words im sharing is as true as the the tears running down my face.
Smart black minds are running laps around you.
And you can’t handle it so falsify the truth, isn’t that what yol do?

Installing negative connotations to my pigment.
Just so you can divide and conquer, segment.
But my creative black mind stays resilient.
And no matter how you oppress me I’m going to stay brilliant.
Because im tired of seeing our brothers and sisters become criminals and strippers just to get by.
So until I free them I’m keeping the chains on just to remind me.
That not all of my brothers and sisters are free.
I know we have hundreds of years of bad history.
But all I really want is some Goddamn liberty.
Less discrimination and a lot more equality.
And it wouldn’t hurt for an apology.
Corporation control.
Police shooting blacks, while on patrol.
Just because my skin is the colour of coal.
You assumes if I have nice things I must have stole.
The only difference between us is the melanin in ours skins.
If it wasn’t for that we are as good as twins.
So get over it, it’s just a colour.
I’m trying to get rid of this word “suffer”.
So we can all live in peace
Black excellence, melanin masterpiece.
Sometimes I feel this race problem can’t be solved.
Sometimes I feel like slavery hasn’t ended, it has just evolved.
The pain in my heart is as dark as my skin.
Why is my melanin treated as if it’s a sin.
I’m not asking for much, I just my people to be treated like human beings.
I’ve been beaten and broken down for years like ancient ruins.
All we have is hope.
Victory is further than we think like a telescope.



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