Imperfect Perfections

Shawty you perfect with your imperfections.
You know your look don’t need any corrections.
Fake hair, make up but all that doesn’t matter.
What matters is your heart and i aint tryna flatter.
It’s beautiful, and the beauty will shine through.
Because the honest fact is there is only one you.
You are picture perfect which doesn’t need editing.
Shawty you’re high up you shouldn’t be settling.
For these lame ass dudes that don’t care for you.
They never listen, which means they never hear for you.
They talk you up just to break you down.
They break your heart, and now you frown.
These boys joke around but we know they’re clowns.
You’re still a queen baby girl just without a crown.
If you don’t love yourself, who will?
For you, I’d definitely kill.
You don’t have to alter God’s beautiful design.
Because for every dark time, your smile is there to shine.
Blaming yourself for all the fuckboys in your life.
Losing faith in your dreams of being a wife.
Because you can’t find a man that can treat you half as right as you deserve to be.
But my advice is like an angle just get your degree.
Then everything will sort itself out like auto-correct.
What do you expect.
The generation we live in.
Is made for hoes to win in.
So when them Fuckboys mess your heart up, you’re just a victim of society.
Because it has built them to date girls in variety.
Which makes you insecure.
Looking at all guys like you can’t be sure.
When good guy comes along, you are broken and bruised.
Can’t take a compliment, because now you confused.
Does he really mean it?
Or does he wanna hit and beat it?
Just like the boys in the past, they said all these things.
You’re worth more than marriage, you shouldn’t settle for these flings.
A misconception of what love is.
She was never ready like a pop quiz.
For love to be real, you have to feel pain.
A guy cheating is okay, as long as you’re the main.
That’s what she’s thinking.
Like I said the hoes are winning.
She’s been poisoned by this generation.
Lies, deception, bullshit and fabrication.
Now you lonely, insecure and for some reason they calling you whore.
It’s funny how all her relationships repeat themselves like an encore.
Seeing all the perfect looking girls on Social media having great relationships.
Thinking if she wants a loving relationship she has to be like them, counterfeits.
Aspiring to be the girl I spoke about in my poem: Transparency.
It’s sad what a good girl would put herself through for love, we all just looking for someone to love us.
You can say you about your money but you know when you sleep the loneliness cuts.
She works so hard to stay on fleek.
She has to be strong, she can’t show she’s weak.
You are too focused on your flaws, so you substitute it for fake stuff.
Nails, hair, eyebrows, make up but for you it isn’t enough.
Because with all these things to cover you up you can still see what’s wrong.
I’m too this, im not that, I need something more so you can belong.
But remember what’s real is who you are.
So never change that because shawty you’re a star.
No matter what happens don’t let life change you for the worst.
You are perfect with your imperfections, put yourself first.
I’ve never seen diamonds want to turn into coal.
Being the best you, you can be should be your number one goal.



2 thoughts on “Imperfect Perfections

  1. This is well-versed! i especially like “I’ve never seen diamonds want to turn into coal.” humans like me are so afraid of our potential. Oh, and this “Because with all these things to cover you up you can still see what’s wrong.” very insightful.

    Liked by 1 person

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