Girls turn themselves from Gold to Plastic just to fit in.
Even when they all beautiful, they aren’t  secure within.
Suffering from low self-esteem and a weak self-conscious.
Thinking fuckboys are their only compatible options.
The typa girl that isn’t looking for holy matrimony but wants all the rings.
Confusing money goals with relationship goals, im talking Gold digger things.
Tip toeing from man to man like they dancing ballet.
I can’t blame them, their role models are Blac Chyna and Kim K.
The worth of loyalty and love has been lost in this generation.
The lies they tell to get shoes and clothes, fabrication.
The last line was deep, too bad she’s shallow.
Great at giving brain but her mind is hollow.
A females Self worth is the difference between a Queen and a hoe.
A Queen ain’t a girl that exposes her ass on IG for a show.
Now a Nigga double tapping for an actual tap.
And he’ll get her in his room flowing wet like an actual tap.
Calling another guy “daddy” but she hasn’t  even met her real dad.
She has 20 000 followers and 1000 likes on all posts, ain’t she glad.
Started from Kings and Queens ended up Fuck boys and sluts.
Meant to rule the world but settled for likes for abs and big butts.
Failed life arrangements that’s a disappointment.
Post your booty on IG when you should be working, ASSignment.
Life is like a coin, you can spend it on anything but only spend it once.
But why she spending it on sex, alcohol and blunts.
Crazy world we living in right?
Where casual banging is more valuable than love at first sight.
Her style and demeanour you’d swear she’s celibate.
But she gives it up so much you’d swear she’s selling it.
The girls ain’t the only ones, guys are also running these streets.
Getting girls pregnant and then being deadbeats.
Playing with girls emotions forcing them not to trust a soul.
Then niggas get surprised when they take the IG hoe role.
I ain’t tryna blame guys for why girls of today are messed up.
I’m just saying they ain’t contributing positively and that’s fucked up.
The world is negative and I’m tryna see it through positive glasses.
I’m tired of the long nights drinking and grabbing asses.
I’m tired of the same old meaningless routines.
I’m tired of having moments with other goalless teens.
I’m tired of caring about what he said or she said.
Why should we fit in or even be compared.
Why is social media designed to show appreciation to artificial beauty.
The only role models females can have now are ones with artificial booty.
They fantasise about a better life.
But it doesn’t include having kids and being a wife.
It doesn’t include being a boss and making their own money.
But they tryna eat free in the land of milk and honey.
They can’t let a man in their hearts but would gladly give them a tour of their ovaries.
They on their knees, drinking wine and crazy about a pair of Christians but have never seen rosaries.
Quoting holy scripture but taking selfies of your butt.
The pic and caption don’t correspond, but I’ll keep my mouth shut.
These are the typa girls that look like Barbie.
Smoke like Marley.
Drink like Robert Downey.
And have sex like 2 and a half men, Charlie.
They know the streets so well they don’t need street signs.
Snorting road lanes excuse the pun but I’m talking about coke lines.
She probably gets rid on so much she’s like a 5 star uber.
She’s in your timeline like a digital tumour.
In high school she was probably the girl everyone was sleeping on.
A few years later she’s the girl everyone is sleeping on.
It doesn’t take an intellectual to understand what I did there.
There ain’t no shame in hoeing but don’t let your ovaries be the nations daycare.
I remember she had a uni application and I told her to register, it doesn’t hurt to take a shot.
Years later she’s showing off her new big ass on IG, I guess she took my advice about the shot.
No brains only beauty.
Great smile, big booty.
Money on her mind.
If the real could see, she’d be blind.
All her life she’s learnt that spitters are quitters.
Most of these girls are the same, all that changes are the filters.



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