The Monster under my bed

I have this monster under my bed.
It torments me all the time, I want it dead.
It follows me like my shadows.
I mostly see it in my photos.
It’s consumes me when I least expect it.
It’s beyond impossible to neglect it.
It needs to feed.
“Please Stop”, I plead.

I think I deserve him.
Tried to work things out like a gym.
I got assistance.
No matter how far I run it covers the distance.
I hear it’s voice like it’s apart of my conscience.
I can’t do much about it, I tried everything I’m out of options.
It’s with me 24/7 but no one can see it.
I learned to accept it, im like “so be it”.

It haunts me like it’s Friday the 13th everyday.
Like an annoying sibling, I want it to go away.
It’s not violent but it’s aggressive.
Like a cursed jealous girlfriend, it’s possessive.
The only time I’m free from it is when I sleep.
But I have nightmares of my other pains so anyway I wake up to weep.
While awake it creeps right back from under my place of rest.
“Can anyone save me from it?”, that’s my only request.

It’s grows day by day like everyday is its birthday.
It’s takes a small part of me every single day.
How much is left of me?
I’m finished can’t it see.
So one night, out of curiosity I Googled The Monster.
To my surprise it’s pretty famous, many have met The Monster.
It goes by alot of names like rejection, abandoned and emptiness.
We weren’t formally introduced but I know it as “Loneliness”.



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