Dear hater

Dear hater.

Don’t you know you should hate the game, not the player.
I’m trying to be the best that I can be.
Can’t you appreciate that, can’t you see.
But all you do is fixate about my downfall.
You can’t wait until I drop the ball.
I’m concerned about you, you fascinate me and the worry is strong.
Because all you can do is point out what I’m doing wrong.
I would have offered a penny for your thoughts but you too cheap to pay attention.
So I do my best to do great things because it’s priceless to see your expression.

I won’t lie you inspire me, you help me focus on my plan.
Because you are more than just a hater, youre more loyal than my biggest fan.
Following me just to see my dark times like a shadow.
You hate yourself more because you ain’t me, and you know.
I don’t know, I’m not going to focus on it, it’s just a theory.
Putting all that effort into me, aren’t you weary?
Heres a suggestion chances are you wont take it but I know I would.
Instead of hating, it doesn’t hurt to just say “wow, that was good”.

It wouldn’t be a lie because you know it deep down inside.
Sometimes to be a man is to put your ego aside.
But I guess it’s not in your DNA to appreciate hustle.
You can’t help hating, you hate me with every single muscle.
It’s not your fault, it must be God not blessing you, that makes you hate.
Or even better it must be me thats holding you back from being great.
You know, me being focused is hurting yours.
Me locking shit down in my life isn’t opening your doors.

Don’t be mad because I’m young, handsome and filled with skill.
It must suck that being my fan is apart of your daily chores.
Thanks for the hate because if you won’t motivate me who will.

Sincerely not yours.



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