Reality is depressing.
Seeing is misleading.
Time ruins dreams.
Actuality isn’t what it seems.

Life is a bunch of goals never scored.
Life is feelings that were never poured.
Life is a bunch of choices never made.
Life is a debt that will never be paid.

Lust is blinding.
Distance is dividing.
Laughter is provocative.
Sorrow is positive.

Life is prospective, which side are you on.
Life is a song, you have to enjoy it before its done.
Life is balance, you know yin and yang.
Life is karma, what goes around comes back like a boomerang.

Thoughts are infectious.
People are pretentious.
Memories are tormenting.
Freedom is intimidating.

Life is eliminating all negativity.
Life is imagination and creativity.
Life is fake truths and real lies.
Life is opening your mind, just to realize.

Money is an illusion.
Perfection is confusion.
Education is liberating.
Failure is motivating.

Love is caring about someone more than you care about yourself.
Hurt is finding out the feeling isn’t mutual, and now you hate yourself.
Love is giving your all to someone without knowing if they will ever give back.
Hurt is them taking and saying, no matter how much you give you’ll always lack.

My Pain is sanity.
My Words are reality.
My Soul is tainted.
My true colours are painted…

On these poems I write.
Staying awake all night.
Trying to release my demons…
Through words, tryna pick up the pieces…

…To my heart and soul.
Just so one day I can be whole.



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