You shouldn’t have been first but only.
I guess that’s why I’m writing this poem while feeling lonely.
The difference between first and only is that first can come last.
Envisioning the future, reminiscing the past.
Praying for a redo, and this time I’d try make it last.
I thought dark clouds have silver linings, I should’ve checked the forecast.
My pride had me acting all tough.
I’m now seeing sorry isn’t enough.
I took a good woman for granted.
I was all you ever wanted.
I should’ve been a better man for you.
I did you wrong, I played you, that’s true.
I should’ve took you seriously.
All those times you said you were gonna leave, previously.
I played games with your heart.
I didn’t see how I tore you apart.
Now I have to live with myself and what I’ve done.
You are perfection, you are five minus four, The One
Thinking about us, and I don’t know what to do.
Because my only priority should’ve been you.



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