Love isn’t for everyone

Love is hard yet soft.
Love is benefit yet cost.
Love is truth yet lies.
Love is stupid yet wise.

Love is clean yet dirty.
Love is stationary yet a journey.
Love is peace yet conflict.
Love is faulty yet perfect

Love is laughter yet despair.
Love is neglect yet care.
Love is gentle yet rough.
Love is more yet enough.

Love is sickness yet the cure.
Love is sinful yet pure.
Love is red yet blue.
Love is big yet only for two.

Love is complex.
Yet simple.
Love is what everyone wants, that’s what makes it complex.
Love isn’t made for me, that’s what makes it simple.

I get it…love isn’t for everyone!



3 thoughts on “Love isn’t for everyone

  1. Loved reading this……..but love is for everyone……either in the form of girlfriends or boyfriends love…..or in form of family love……love exists and its for everyone………for u too…….liked your post

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Truely said …….applied on me also….love can also change us…..when it is its beautifull…..but when its not its worst….hope now its all good for you…..😊😊


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