The Biggest lies ever told!!!

So many lies have been told.
Their repetition is getting old.
If lies had weight it would weigh tons.
These are my favourite ones…

“I’m on the way”.
“I left my wallet so I can’t pay”.
“All my drugs are prescriptions”.
I have read & agreed to Terms and Conditions.

“I don’t lie”.
“I’m a good guy”.
“Oops, I forgot”.
“Damn you look hot”.

“I’m sick”.
“You got a big d**k”.
“I’m busy”.
“This is easy”.

“I don’t care”.
“They are the perfect pair”.
“Santa is real”.
“I can’t feel”.

“I didn’t do the crime”.
“This is my first time”.
“Just the tip”.
“Just one sip”.

“It’s not my mistake”.
“This ain’t fake”.
“I ball like an emperor”.
These lies go on like et cetera.

“He/she’s mine”.
“I’m fine”.
“I care too”.
“I love you”.

These are the most common lies and I know we all relate.
It’s too bad lies are our second nature, it isn’t great.
Please don’t lie to me.
Because¬† I ain’t stupid, B.



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