Forbidden Fruit (The Best I’ll Never Have)

This is crazy, like actually crazy.
The things I do for my crushes amazes me.

Knowing you can’t be mine, I still try my best to get you.
Holding on to the illusion that some how you’ll be my boo.
Like even if there’s no chance, I still gotta fight.
Like I said this is crazy, right?

Day dreaming about him cheatng on you just so yol can have long harsh fights which lead to a break up.
So I can be there to comfort you which will make you realise I’m the one for you and then we hook up.
I help you get over him and then maybe this rebound relationship can turn into something real.
And I’m not talking about marriage things but you know, being official and tell each other how we feel.

When he tries to get back in your life you tell him No because you have a real man now.
And let’s be honest he will try to come back because you are simply WOW.
I know this is still a day dream but I wish it was my reality.
I just wish you could open your eyes and see that this is how life can be.

I can give you the world but you wanna settle for flowers.
I can give you cities but you wanna settle for a few towers.
I can give you my heart but you wanna settle for his lies.
I can give you all of me but you wanna settle for his disguise.

I know I want something that I can’t get.
I can’t lose feelings, I can’t forget.
When we always talking and vibing, over text.
When we always chilling and smiling, I’m so perplexed.

I thought of sabotage, might I add I’ve never seen nor met him.
I think he doesn’t deserve her, might I add I don’t know anything about him.
I even went as far as asking God for assistance.
I know he doesn’t work like that because jealousy is a cruel mistress.

Every bone in my body wants her and not to sound cocky but i know there’s a part of her that wants me too.
But I can’t have her because she wants him more, no matter what I say or do.
Her heart cant be borrowed and passed on to me, its his forever.
I know that paper beats rock but does true romance beat years of being together.
In this case I don’t think so, being the nice guy means always being the loser.
The one that never gets the girl, and will be lonely throughout his future.

I guess I have to accept my fate.
That no matter how much I try, how much love I give, we will never ever date.
Because your heart is his and his heart is yours.
You were my relationship goal but I’m the only one keeping scores.

I need a girl that loves me and curves boys, and not vice versa …
I told you this was crazy, and yol don’t know the half of it…I’m kinda crazy about her.

Don’t judge me I’m only human.
This isn’t going to change anything so I guess it’s only for her amusement.

(I don’t even know if that rhymed but like a crucifix I’m trying to get my message across)



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