I’m in pain too

It’s not my scars that makes me who I am it’s my pain.
It’s not my loss that builds me it’s my gain.
It’s not my future that haunts me it’s my past.
It’s not that I’m special the truth is im an outcast.

It’s not my brain that loves it’s my heart.
It’s not my words that help it’s my art.
It’s not my body I gave you it’s my soul.
It’s not my chaos that keeps me from giving in its my control.

It’s not my laughs that get me through the day it’s my despair.
It’s not my sin that makes me impure it’s my prayer.
It’s not what my eyes see but it’s what my heart feels.
It’s not my what my ears hear but it’s what my mouth reveals.

Honestly I’d give you my heart, soul and everything else in the universe.
But I fall for girls that will never feel the same and that’s my only curse.



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