Letter to my unborn son

When God gave you to me, it was a blessing interception.
My child, it’s a cold ass world filled with brainwashing and deception.
I know the sins of your father will make your life 10 times harder.
Just know, I will forever have your back I’ll be here to make you smarter.
So let’s cut off this family chain, like we freeing slaves.
Because rescuing these girls that aren’t worth the saves.
I want you to have the heart of a hustler.
And the brain of a scholar.
So you can have the fight of a brawler.
And the money of a baller.
You gonna have that Midas Touch.
That gold rush.
That Di Vinci with a paint brush.
My child you are gonna be the shit, flush.
I know we talking success and money but don’t forget about what’s crucial.
Screw societies standards, you don’t need my or anyone else’s approval.
Money can’t buy you love, but love can’t pay the bills.
So you have to balance it all out like accounting deals.

Whether you’re rich or poor.
Whether you’re a thinker or a doer.
As long as you got love in your heart, you’ll never be a loser.
Keep your word, because words can’t keep themselves.
Meaningful actions are bigger than words, they’re young elves.
Watch out for the snakes in the grass.
No lie, they’re hard to see, they’re as transparent as glass.
Your so called friends could put a gun to your mind.
Because you’re winning and they envy all your glory and shine.
Say away from violence.
That stuff can be a virus.
You can pass it on to others.
Even to your sisters and brothers.
The clock is like Forrest Gump, it spends the longest time running.
Life is a bitch, if you bang it right, it will spend a long time cumming.
I know sometimes…
You could feel lost but never found.
You could feel like you on earth but hell bound.

Feeling held back by your brain.
Feels like you’re made to desire whips and chains.
But nothing can be a better suture.
Knowing you have a father that cares about your future.
We’re a product of our environment.
But some people need a torch to get enlightenment.
I know you won’t because you’re not like your dad, you’re bright.
I’m going to teach you the difference between wrong and right.
On this earth there are a few people worth the fight.
You aren’t promised anything in life but death.
For the ones you love, hustle until your last breath.
They say your attitude determines your latitude, better get the right height.
Don’t be naïve, you need to join the dots like a constellation.
Avoid sipping haterade and digesting it into talking shit, mouth constipation.

Last but not least treat your girl like a Queen.
Regardless of where she’s been.
Girls are going to cum and go like a one night stand.
Most of them are going to hurt you, you going to be down like the S.A rand.
But keep your chin up and your heart out.
Because your soul mate is out there, no doubt.
Don’t get me wrong, lust is blinding.
But don’t let it get in the way of or friends, family and grinding.
Don’t let memories keep you in a relationship, that’s poisonous.
Get a relationship that keeps you happy and joyous.
Because at the end of the day you are the most important thing.
Don’t sell yourself short for some hatred filled fling.
If you get her pregnant before time, a true man accepts their responsibilities.
And provide for them…paying for food, shelter  and utilities.
This is my way of guiding you through life and being a man.
And I’m hoping you share this knowledge with your children.
I hope to be there so they can see where it all began.
I want you to win in life, that’s the game plan.

I will always love you not matter what.
And if you get rich I better get my cut.


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