I think I kinda almost maybe sort of have a thing for you!

She has a vibe and a nigga started feeling it.
Calling her beautiful and a nigga really meaning it.
Conversations that can go on for days.
She doesn’t know how to roll but she loves to blaze.
We know how to make each other laugh.
Never a dull moment, and yes I’m talking in her behalf.
I can have deep convo or funny jokes with her.
And if given the chance I’d make that kitty purr.
She has me checking my phone everytime a message comes in.
I’m hoping one day we can watch series and chill with a bottle of gin.
She’s the cutest girl I’ve ever seen.
From the her smile to her voice, makings of a Queen.
Never gets angry and only has positivity to share.
Like “cross my heart and hope to die”, all we do is swear.
Tattoos and piercings, she ain’t shy to be fun?
Are there girls like her?, trust me there’s none.
She has a stranger liking for pineapples, what a weird fruit.
Did I mention that she’s really really cute?
Mixed race, this adds on to how unique she is.
Great sense of humour, greater personality and the most real, she is.
Her emoji game is hot.
I don’t think she’s a stranger to the pot.
I just noticed that had a double meaning.
Well I meant both, im just happy we speaking.
Vibing and joking around what more would I want?
Okay I really want is to take her out to a restaurant.
Show her a good time.
Make her my partner in crime.
Candy dreams, when it’s bedtime.
I really hope she’s reading this rhyme.
Her favourite colour is pink.
She hardly lies to me, I think.
She’s lowkey smart.
A really kind heart.
Hands down the best person I met this year.
And I hope that I can make the message of this poem really clear.

I hope this didn’t bore you
But I got a thing for you.
You have a vibe and a nigga started feeling it.
The best way on getting over it is admitting it.



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