God’s plan A.
Best that I can B.
Half way great, can’t you C.
I got amazing D.
Nigga with an attitude like Eazy-E.
Got you saying what the F.
Because you know I’m a G.
Hate starts with H.
You think I’m good, so do I.
I hit that J.
I’m better than O.K.
Don’t take another L.
I stay woke, A.M.
Helped the needy like the U.N.
All surprised like Oops and O.
Come on I’m a V.I.P.
I shouldn’t be waiting in this Q.
Stand for who you R.
Don’t be in distress like S.O.S.
I don’t pity these fools like Mr.T.
I’m way up, this is my way of showing U.
Watch me blow up like a broken T.V.
I cum faster than a B.M.W.
It don’t matter cause I’m stunting on my X.
The future poetic rockstar, I wonder Y.
I’ll take over the world like world war Z.

This is Buhle AKA DSP.
I’m signing off on this poem, I hope you felt me.
And now you know your ABC.
Like DJ Khaled, that’s a major Key.



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