Relationship goals.
No listening to the hating Internet trolls.
Because we know that ignorance is bliss.
Secret hand shakes ending with a kiss.

His and hers matching necklaces.
Doing cute shit like finishing each others sentences.
Us dancing all alone with no tunes.
Chilling in our underwear watching cartoons.

Wearing matching vans.
Haters? We call them fans.
Doing elaborate pranks.
Joking about robbing banks.

Exchanging foot massages on rough days.
“You guys are cute but it will never work” is  what everybody says.
But we don’t care.
All we do is swear.

We motivate each other so we can be even better.
She stole my heart and now she wants my sweater.
Having fun in the kitchen, chef curry with the pots boy.
Going to McDonald’s to share a happy meal with a toy.

We plan to be bosses together, to build an Empire.
Like a flight of stairs we tryna step higher.
Get married and raise a family.
Grow old til we face the Angel of mortality.

We have a connection stronger than WiFi.
All day at home with pizza and weed to get high.
I’d probably want some love making, sexual confession.
And then we can end the day with a movie and a cuddle session.

We got each others back like a pair of wings.
We have trust, loyalty, respect…you know, relationship things.
A future power couple, the new Romeo and Juliet.
We were meant to be even before we met.

We can leave our phones unlocked around each other.
We always thinking about each other even when we together.
We could fight and argue but we never overly furious.
Always laughing even when we are serious.

I’m not her father but she calls me daddy.
She’s my good girl but in the bed she’s a baddy.
We are faithful, we don’t fuck with hoes.
Those are our relationship goals.



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