The poem about nothing.

“Don’t play with her don’t be dishonest.
Still not understanding this logic.”
There’s no avoiding this topic.
He’s bad for you, so damn toxic.
Up all night, mixing gin with tonic.
The universe wants us together, our vibe is cosmic.
Wondering why?
Why can’t he try?
Why can’t you say bye?
Because all you ever do is cry.
You say his outSTANDing but sits when he pee.
Your relationship is a prison and i am the key.
So pack up your bags and run off with me.
I’m more of a man, don’t you agree?
I’m just saying “you could do better”.
Come to my “Marvin’s Room” and I’ll get you wetter.
Drunk texting with capital letters
Like a scale I’ll always measure.
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
Too bad you see me as just a friend.
Getting curved but calling it a gentle bend.
Moving up the ranks of the friendzone.
Tryna show you I’m more than a name in your phone.
Tryna show you TLC, tryna get touchy-feely.
But the only TLC you know is T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli.
I’m “falling for you” like Tamia.
Because you are “One in a million” like Aaliyah.
I ain’t gonna “Beat it” like I’m Michael Jackson.
We both bonded like a Chem-Reaction.
He should be thrown out the window like gang signs.
I heard he lasts a minute like ten vines.
You are the girl of my dreams, the ghost of my thoughts.
You are Princess Diana in a world filled with Thots.
You are more than a girl, you are more than just stunning.
I’d hate to see you go, I’d rather see you cumming.
Fantasising I’m on her like dead presidents on the American Dollars.
Telling myself I needa cuff her as if we playing cops and robbers.
Because she’s special, extraordinary, unique.
From her warm heart to her curvaceous physique.
My mind must a marathon because you’re running through it all day.
If love is in the air like flu, I want you to be my “sick bae”.
So why not come with me to share this beautiful journey.
And if you marry me I promise you won’t need an attorney.



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