God’s Thanksgiving (The Exorcism)

I once knew a girl, beautiful was an understatement.
Light skin, big booty, sexy lips…I couldn’t contain my excitement.
She loved 90’s RnB and introduced me to it.
So damn amazing it’s actually sad I didn’t hit.
Well I wasn’t with her for the sex, she’s the weirdest person I’ve ever met.
I wish I can “Make it last forever” like Keith Sweat.
By the way I adore weird, it keeps me guessing.
Her popping up in my life was a young blessing.
She seemed to have a heart of stone.
But I don’t believe it, I lowkey think she’s loving just never shown.
I never understood her, nothing motivated her.
She was a physical affection amateur.
She was never into guys.
I never knew what it was but she was so damn wise.
I still remember that her favourite car is a Bentley.
And if she were to give it up she wouldn’t  want it to be gently.
Intelligent and I don’t think she knows it.
She says she cares but hardly shows it.
Strict parents.
She takes care of her appearance.
Big family.
And even bigger on chastity.
Church girl she loved her some Jesus.
She was my kryptonite, my only weakness.
I need to find something to help me with immunity.
I probably messed up my opportunity.
To be with one of the greatest souls I have came into contact with.
She had the keys to my heart, call a locksmith.
She never seemed to lie to me.
Well I don’t have anyway of knowing, B.
Had an abnormal view on life i still dont get her.
But she never changed herself to please me that’s what made me love her.
She probably doesn’t even think of me.
She was a bit too carefree.
Lemme keep it 100 with you like a century.
Now she feels like a distant faded memory.
Or was she even real, was she a part of my imagination.
Lemme end this poem before I say “Hey” to her, temptation.

I wish I worked harder to keep her, magnetic pole.
She’ll forever and always have my soul.
Yo soy el que soy, gracias a ti.
You know who you are shawty.



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