And her name is…

Shes always thinking about you, she never forgets.
When she leaves, she’ll leave you with regrets.
She will let you do as you please.
Until the time comes to leave you on your knees.
All she ever wanted was for you to commit.
She doesn’t wanna listen to why you didn’t.
When you treat other like a joke, she always has the last laugh.
And in one moment she can make the world stand still like a photograph.
They call her names like a cruel mistress or B*tch.
She will turn on you when you least expect it, switch.
She never misses anyone, no matter how far they are.
Distance isn’t a problem, she owns her own Kar.
The thing about her is when she hits you’ll always feel the pain.
Why she does what she does, I still to this day can’t explain.
Targets the ones that call themselves Savages and mean it.
She works hard, finding dirt and trust me she will clean it.
She’s a great waitress so you’ll definitely be served.
A three course meal with a side of “what you deserved”.
Sometimes she’s good and sometimes she’s bad.
But chances are she’s always fair might I add.
She sees everything, she knows everything like the C.I.A.
She doesn’t have time for games, she’s as real as it gets, no Play-Play.
She can either end you or change you.
But when she gets a hold of you your life will never be the same, true.
What comes around goes back around is her favourite phrase.
She’s a spoilt brat she always gets what she’s wants, ALWAYS!
She’ll leave you in the middle of nowhere like Stonehenge.
Once she got you there’s no reason to even think about revenge.
Because there’s nothing you can do to harm her.
If you still don’t know who I’m talking about, her name is…Karma.



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