Happy National Womans Day (South Africa)

You are the Stones of our society.
The healers of Anxiety.
Female Kings.
Angels without wings.
The best gender by far.
The most beautiful gem, you are.
Beyond the average norm.
Perfection in its physical form.
Wo-man, Fe-male is proof God made you to be more than a man.
Whenever the world say you can’t you find a way to say “I can”.
You provide without having.
You live life by just loving.
God’s only perfect creation.
You deserve a standing ovation.
You go through so much, us men can’t imagine.
Your big heart is filled with love and compassion.
A great combination between passion and peacefulness.
And I hope at this point in the poem you understand my gratefulness.
Soft as cotton, as hard as a fist.
I thank God everyday that you all exist.
I love each and every one of you.
You all are magical and I’m not talking about Voodoo.
You bless the room you are in with your smile.
The creators of bulletproof vests, and style.
You are special and everyone should know it.
You are extraordinary and I pray that you show it.
I can go on and on, but I wrote this poem just to say.
Have a blessed and wonderful Womans day.

Happy Womans Day!!! Much love to all of you.
And by the way thanks for keeping our lives together like glue.



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