Girls and Drugs

Lately I’ve been Messing with Girls and Drugs.
They both wrap you up tight like Persian rugs.
Snorting love like its cocaine.
Caressing the bottle like it’s my main.
They’ll both have me up late on that Hotline Bling.
From phone calls to a wedding, girls are just looking for a ring.
Made paranoid by insecurities and the weed.
But watch out they’ll both walk all over you ,stampede.
They’ll leave you weak like all 7 days.
And let’s not lie they aren’t a phase.
I can’t live with them and can’t live without.
It hurts the most when you in a drought.
Blue balls or withdrawal I still feel the pain.
It’s bad mixing late nights ,drugs ,and girls with Champagne.
These addictions are crazy.
But I just go with the flow, wavy.
Taking more drugs to deal with the heartbreak.
It’s a vicious cycle but I need to get rid of the heartache.
Falling in love with random girls to cure the hangover.
When was the last time I was even sober.
Infatuated with my next fix.
Addicted to all my ex chicks.
Is there rehab for a romantic?
I just want something real, organic.
Disney fantasies about being sky high.
A trip so sound it puts me to rest, lullaby.
These sober thoughts harrass me.
My faded self could be the best me.
Lip stick stains.
Heroin filled veins.
I’m In love with my high, cloud nine.
And if I happen to die because of what I love, that’s fine.
And love choices.
Girls or Drugs …are going to be the death of me.
So save the last kiss or snort for me.
Because no matter which one.
As long as my non-virgin-Mary Jane holds the gun.


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