Alone playing hide and seek (What’s the point)

What is my purpose, what is my calling.
I’ve been knocked down by life so much I’m barely crawling.
I’m lost and can’t be found.
If life was an ocean, I would have drowned.
What’s the point, we’re just a bag of atoms with an expiry date.
From the womb to the tomb is our only true fate.

Is life about updating your status’s and having the best selfie.
Is it about the flashy lifestyle, boasting to the world like “Hey look! I’m wealthy”.
Is it about showing everyone how holy and righteous you are.
Or is it about being famous, everyone knowing you’re a star.
Whatever it may be I don’t know it yet.
On a blind date with destiny, my fate shall be met.

So you tell me what’s the point.
If I have a purpose, I just don’t wanna disappoint.
You tell me why I was put on this miserable spherical death pool.
We are made to find our purpose in this place called school.
So I came to you to beg and plead.
Because I’d like to know what’s the point indeed.


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