What If

What if life was always fair?
What if God doesn’t hear my prayer?
What if virgin Mary had an abortion?
What if love is blown out of proportion?
What if the skies were green and the land blue?
What if Big Sean really wanted to Fuck with you?
What if Jesus was a woman?
Or better yet, a human?
What if Rome was built in a day?
What if there were just 5 days in may?
What if Drake didn’t have any exes?
What if the Karmasutra didn’t know what sex is?
What if Mandela was too lazy to walk to freedom?
What if Adam didn’t eat the fruit in Eden?
What if Michael Jackson couldn’t moonwalk?
What if Mr T didn’t have a mohawk?
What if Sway had the answers?
What if we had the cure for cancers?
What if we couldn’t laugh and nothing was funny?
What if girls only cared about looks and money?
What if Kanye didn’t release Graduation?
What if I’m not God’s creation?
What if Steve Harvey could read out names?
What if I were fly and I ain’t talking about planes.
What if the world couldn’t be sad?
What if he was still alive, would I have a dad?
What if 2 pac didn’t “do it for love”?
What if Pigeons are just crusty doves?
What if we all institutionalised?
What if we didn’t believe the world’s deception and lies?
What if we couldn’t experience death?
What if tomorrow I’d be taking my last breath?
What if love wasn’t deadly?
What if I didn’t have a heart so big and heavy?
What if I didn’t give them my heart, body and soul?
What if my heart wasn’t now colder than the north pole?
What if angel wings grow out my back?
I’d be an angelic demon which will leave you breathless like an asthma attack.
What if N.W.A didn’t Fuck the police?
What if there was no war just peace?
What if E doesn’t equal MC squared?
What if my mother never cared?
What if life were filled with saints, no sinners?
What if life were filled with losers, no winners?
What if J.Cole saved hoes?
What if Drake didn’t run through the six with his woes?
What if Nas wasn’t the Jesus of Rap?
What if Gandhi was an ass hole, simply full of crap.
What if the Bible were a stack of papers with no meaning?
What if we lived in a world with no dreaming?
What if no one was unique, wouldn’t that be a shame?
All I know is that life without you wouldn’t  be the same.


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