Read this poem to him

You know he don’t deserve you.
He got you on a curfew.
He’s playing games, Nintendo.
You go on and on about him like an echo.
All we talk about is him and what he does wrong.
Yol go back and forth like a game of Ping Pong.
Then run to me to tell me how he fucked up.
Just come be with me, I know that you fed up.

I ain’t Sinatra but I’m tryna keep it Frank with you.
You take him back again and again doesnt it feel like Deja vu.
I’ll treat you right and show you what a relationship should be like.
I kept it 100 with you and expressed to you my dislike.
I ain’t perfect but I know I’m better.
I ain’t rain but I can get you wetter.
Hes fighting over childish shit.
Make him an orphan, kick him to the curb then split.

The friendzone ain’t a place I wanna be in.
Just want you to be my Bae in this life of sin.
Drunk texting all my sober thoughts.
While curving all these thirsty Thots.
You gotta be sick of him and I’m the doctor.
My love is the cure, too bad he still got her.
The true definition of perfection.
We can build something, construction.

We on the same tempo like a musical.
I’ll make sure you know everyday that you’re Beautiful.
Did he even put in any effort.
I’d also be fed up with a person that’s always throwing a fit.
He robbed you off the experience of being treated right.
Never there, leaving you to sleep alone at night.
You letting him treat you some typa way.
You don’t have to deal with this everyday.

I know you think you love him and things can get better.
Writing my feelings on this paper but this isn’t a love letter.
You remember the good times we had, midnight walks, the deep intellectual convos we had.
You wanna throw that away for someone who loves you when he wants to like a deadbeat dad.
Shawty don’t confuse love for theĀ  infactuation you feel during the honeymoon phase.
You know I hate it when I have to hear “He did it again” as I see tears run down your face.

Mistrust and dishonesty.
Ain’t how love is supposed to be honestly.
Smiles for the world like you saying Cheese.
But the look in your eyes is screaming for help, please.
Up all night with you like a last minute school assignment.
You were tricked to be stuck in your relationship, confinement.
Rushing into your relationship for monogamy hoping to find passion.
But getting none and now it’s on you to take action.

I’m like the moon and he’s like the sun.
This is a metaphor not a pun.
I’m there for you in darkness and in light.
He’s isn’t always there for you, where is he at night.
Giving another place his shine.
I just want you to be mine.
No ifs, ands nor buts.
You gotta leave him all it takes is some guts.

I’m higher than I’ve ever been before, funny because you are the one that has to take the leap of faith.
Dreams of us being together are haunted by him being around turning them to nightmares, wraith.
I can have anyone I want but it’s you I need.
I’m more than just a gentleman I’m a special type of breed.
Remember the day after Valentines day when he left you the day before.
You were crying yet you were beautiful, I still remember what you wore.
Tryna comfort you make you forget about it, make you feel special, just tryna shine my armour, Knight.
Then we shared a kiss knowing it was wrong so you left, but you know it felt right.

No saints only sinners.
I just wanna take you out to dinner.
Just to get a chance to show you the world in one day.
Then after, you can help me redefine the meaning of foreplay.
Not to have sex but to actually make love.
To make you reach new heights, higher than the heavens above.
I know you dont have the heart to just leave him.
So just close your eyes and READ THIS POEM TO HIM.


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