Things I trust more than you!

I rather trust…
A choice condom filled with holes.
Fernando Torres scoring 2 goals.
Bill Cosby serving me a drink.
A mid-desert summer ice rink.
Zuma as my maths teacher.
My little cousins with a preacher.
Paris Hiltons vagina.
Anything made in China.
Lions with “pet me” signs.
All Daily Sun headlines.
Taxi drivers speeding.
Zuma fast reading.
Light skin girls texting back.
Anyone high on crack.
Zuma’s pull out game.
A mute saying my name.

Get back up off me, like you have the swine flu.
Because these are all things I trust more than you.

I rather trust…
Young thug constructing a full sentence.
A coloured Cape Townian dentist.
A Black woman with no eyebrows.
A White person whom rides cows.
Using to Oscars Bathroom on VDay.
An angry female when she says “Okay”
Meek Mill winning at something.
Dark skin blushing.
Lil Kims surgeon.
Kim Kardashian saying she’s a virgin.
Swimming in Green, dirty pools.
Going to suicide bombing schools.
A prostate exam from Captain Hook.
A monthly yearbook.
Julius Malema.
A bitch Nigga with a dilemma.

These are the things I rather do.
Than trust a person like you.

I rather trust…
Hitting a bulls balls and chilling.
A boy inviting my daughter to Netflix n chilling.
Sleeping in the middle of town.
Leaving my main alone with Chris Brown.
Steve Harvey reading out Winners names.
A notorious liars claims.
Durban or UJ hoes.
Bapsing a girl on her monthly flows.
Farting while having diarrhoea.
Being friends with the leader of Korea.
Sharing a meal with Judas.
Turning my back on Brutus.
Pinocchio with a long nose.
Being trapped by Amber Rose.
A crusty white van written “Free Candy” on the side.
A small dick Nigga keeping a girl sexually satisfied.

You should try take some sort of trustworthiness class.
Because if you think ima trust you, I’d rather eat a hobos ass.

I rather trust…
Being blood brothers with Charlie Sheen.
Licking a crack house floor clean.
Bathing in liquid Aids.
Me getting good grades.
Anything cooked with castor oil.
Eating a worm filled hand of soil.
Breast milk from Caitlyn Jenner.
Spongebob as my uber driver.
My chances of beating the Hulk at a wrestling match.
My D in a dirty, filthy snatch.
The chances plankton getting the krabby patty formula.
The chances that there will be snow in Florida.
Rihannas Forehead.
10 year old bread.
Mentos with Coca-Cola.

This poem is a big Fuck you to your “Trust me”.
I hope this poem opens your eyes so you can see.
That I don’t want to Fuck with you and I don’t trust you at all, so…
These are things I trust WAY WAY WAY more than you, hoe.


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