Shot for me!

Okay look, I’m honest ,girl I can’t lie I miss you.
On your IG like Goddamn I wish I can DM you.
My pride won’t let me but what would I even say to you.
Scrolling through pics trying not to double tap you.
Flashback of memories.
From lovers to Enemies.
Taking it day to day just to see future anniversaries.
I guess I didn’t see the bigger motion picture like documentaries.
Thought we were getting somewhere but forgot to contact a travel advisor.
We said a lot of things and i called you a piece of shit, fertiliser.
But she called me soft like my personality is covered in moisturiser.
Haha that was funny story.
Not one that ends in glory.
I put you to sleep, Snoring.
Being a good guy is boring.
You probably wanted that bad ass.
Who smokes grass.
And skips class.
I guess it’s true good guys finish last.
You the only girl I’ve ever truly committed to
Opened my soul to.
Even gave my jersey off my back to.
I thought to myself ” ‘Don’t’ give my heart to her” ,I should write TrapSoul 2
Our anniversary is cumming like the bitches I Fuck with.
Lemme be straight up I think your love is a myth.
I never saw cause you always busy doing things.
I guess the distance difference kinda ruined things.
I deleted all the other girls numbers off my phone for you.
I even stayed up late night just to be on the phone with you.
You probably dont remember anything I’ve ever done for you.
Didn’t even make half an effort to pull through.
“I’m the man yeah I said it!
Bitch I’m the man don’t you forget it.
The way you walk, that’s me.
The way you talk, that’s me.”
Just like a bed after waking up, I made you.
You’ve been on my mind like dandruff, where my shampoo.
Being with other girls ain’t even the same, what the Fuck should I do?
Tryna be the perfect guy, is a positioning I failed to live up to.
I’m all in my feelings these days.
Forgetting I’m in my “get bitches” phase.
I gotta keep it real and focus on the girls I’m fucking now.
But it’s difficult when you all up in my dreams now.
I can’t distinguish whether they are dreams or nightmares.
No matter which it is, when I close my eyes I keep you in my prayers.
So when you out with your friends, take a shot for me.
To celebrate the good and bad times we had, B.


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