A girl named Alice (part 1)

There once was this beautiful girl named Alice.
All she ever wanted was to eat breakfast  in Paris.
Fly all the way to Italy, shop in Milan for everything designer.
And Dinner on the beaches of Monaco, what could be finer?
All on the same day, she wanted to live lavish.
But what we don’t know is that she has a lot of baggage.
Ironic, cause i aint talking about the suitcase or luggage type.
Like the kind where all people in her life use her as a prototype.
Nor was she the brightest light bulb in in the bulb pack.
No lie, all the guys in her school appreciated her nice rack.
Disadvantaged with a broken home, never seen her Dad.
Had an Alcoholic, drug fiend for a Mom and sexually abuse by Grandad.

An Out-Cast in school, the only attention she got were from Fuck boys.
Tryna play with her body parts as if it’s an instrument or a bunch of toys.
Feeling neglected and unwanted she gave in to the D.
Lemme remind you she’s only 14 and she already lost her V.
Hoping a Nigga filling her up physically, will fill the void.
Crying after the sex, the guy leaves, only caring that he enjoyed.
Few weeks down the line, vomiting thinking she has a stomach bug.
Classmates joking that she’s pregnant, but she had her ears closed, earplug.
Nervous that it could be true, knowing he didn’t wear a condom.
She tells him hoping he can help, but all he said was “Bitch that’s your problem”.
Laying in bed crying for the whole weekend trying to avoid school.
She remembers all the jokes the other kids made, she would be made a fool.
But being made a fool is the least of her troubles.
Because this baby is going to bring 18 year of difficult struggles.

Needing to speak to someone she turns to her birth giver.
Her mother was passed out in a puddle of alcohol filled vomit, Rejected liquor.
She was forced to turn to her Grandad, also intoxicated.
She tells him and he asks her to sit right next to him, she was humiliated.
He starts touching her as a way to “comfort” her.
She starts feeling uncomfortable and wants to leave but he pulls her.
He had his way with her, doing it all from licking her to sticking it in.
This was a sick act, he raped her, he did it with an evil grin.
Her world is falling apart like the Apocalypse.
Being tossed and turned and forced to use her lips.
she’s going through the UPS and DOWNS of life, she was LEFT crying, that ain’t RIGHT, like direction.
Being 14 years old, pregnant and hating herself, loathing her own reflection.
She’s dead inside with no chance of resurrection.


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