Exes and Nexts

I always hope my next chick is better than my ex chick.
The combination between slim and thick, this girl better be Slick.
Messing with these new girls but still miss my old one.
The distance and poor communication is the real reason why it’s done.
They say two wrongs don’t make a right but my two rights is the reason she left.
There were times I’d just stare into her eyes and think “damn I’m blessed.”
I failed to pay attention which forced usĀ  to make change.
Now im here waiting for the till slip, I ain’t gon lie I want an EXchange.
To me we had an EXcellent relationship, it EXceeded my EXpectation.
Damn there’s so many words that remind me her, what’s the EXplanation.
She probably got a boyfriend but he will never be me.
Because my head game smart on some PhD.

Ending shit wasn’t the only possible conclusion.
But It’s too bad we always changing, Forevolution.
Things didn’t add up because you subtracted your feelings.
Multiplied the distance which divided us, that math is basic like a happy-meal is.
My Ex n The Next is separated by an N,T.
I’m all alone now which explains why my bed is so Empty.
I get temporary companionship because I hate sleeping alone.
Too busy chatting, drinking and drunk texting on my phone.
To see the bigger picture like zooming out of a pic.
With my next I wanna be straight to the point like a pen from Bic.
Tell her all the secrets and feelings I couldn’t tell my exes.
Letting them know that under all this, I have a heart as big as Texas.
Or Like how I enjoy her company or how I might love her.
Or how I thought about her for the whole damn summer.

I can’t find the words to write this poem.
All up in my head like a comb.
Trying my best to filling up the dome.
and then finding ways to take her home.
This is basically all I do, but I want something real.
No one night stands and no Netflix and chill.
We make time for the things that we want.
But I got the message loud and clear like giant font.
I fear the girls that are all up in church just to get blessed.
Blesser having girls only fucking with rich niggas whom are well dressed.
Where’s the old fashioned love with faithfulness and loyalty.
Now we treating these whores like there are some sort of royalty.
Cuff game strong but I ain’t working for the FBI.
I got all the alphabet on lock except for U and I.

I don’t know what is it with girls but I ain’t so good at that shit.
I claim to like Bad girls but knowing I like em good, what a hypocrite.
Visions of the future, dwelling on the past.
Im on to the next one, im tryna make it last.
You have your own thing going and that’s good for you.
I hate to see you go but I love the view.
And I see this now, I wonder why I left you.
I must have hit my head on something and lost my I.Q.
Relationships are painful and permanent like big tattoos.
I have so many ghosts in my closet but still no boo’s.
She got me running circles like a merry-go-round.
The tables have turned, the other way around.
I gotta leave and miss you but more importantly love you.
This shit is out of hand, cum through I got a glove too.


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