The Devil wears filter.

The first thing that comes to mind when we say social media, is staying connected.
Well not for me, for me it’s associated with pain and torment, and no one cares how I’m affected.
They hiding behind a screen trying to find what hurts me most, playing hide and seek with pain.
It’s like they are addicted to bringing agony to others, bitter cocaine.
And the tears that run down my face are like acid rain.
This is driving me crazy and i wish they could stay in their lane.
Do I deserve all this just because at school I’m shy and awkward.
Just because they think they broke me down doesn’t mean I’m conquered.
The words on the screen are so silent but speaks volumes.
Are my insecurities that huge, are they the elephant in their ‘chat’rooms.
I’ve been to hell and back, parts of me stayed in hell.
I wonder how I’m going to hold myself together like gel.
I thought life was about things people don’t say.
But my life is molded around pain day by day.
An easy click of a button can cause depression.
So think before you do all that typing and pressin.
Outsecurities because I don’t feel secure within.
Why not drown my sorrows with this bottle of gin.
The Devil has a new face and it’s called the Internet.
Just give me one day off so can forget.
About being constantly reminded of my insecurities.
Is this what Facebook has come to, laughing at people’s vulnerabilities.
Click click laugh and send.
It drives me crazy, and I think I’m reaching the roads end.
Yes, I am what you say I am, so what?
Yes I’m short, chubby and have a funny haircut.
Yes I don’t have a sense of style and i look weird when I dance.
Yes I’d rather chill at home than go to a party, if given the chance.
So what if I dab to classical music and whip to Jazz.
So what if I don’t have the swagger or glamorous pizzazz.
Yes I’m 18 and still haven’t had a significant other.
So what if I ain’t got game, I ain’t smooth like butter.
Yes I’m a loser that spends their day writing poems and doing homework.
I ain’t gonna lie I still watch Adventure Time on Cartoon Network.
I don’t respect your Internet demons
I’m letting all you know all my flaws because I’m carefree.
Now go tell social media something they don’t know about me!


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